Contoh Berita Singkat Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru Lengkap Dengan Artinya

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Contoh Berita Singkat Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru Lengkap Dengan Artinya

Kalian sudah pasti sudah tidak asing dengan berita yang disiarkan baik langsung maupun tidak langsung baik itu dari media tertulis, radio maupun media televisi. Namun,  media televisi dianggap paling sempurna karena kita bisa melihat dan  mendengarkan informasi yang sedang dibacakan oleh news reporter. Media radio yang dahulu sangat dieluh-eluhkan saat ini masih mempunyai pengemar meskipun kita hanya bisa mendengarkan informasinya saja. Dan media cetak, koran misalnya…hanya menyajikan informasi berupa tulisan dan gambar saja.  Dan sekarang, kita akan mencoba menyajikan sebuah berita didalam bahasa inggris.

Berita 1

(6/4)Bulukarto villagers and around were shocked after being found a dead boy baby  in a river in last morning. The finder was a farmer, Ngatiman who would like to go to his rice field. When he crossed the river, saw there was liked a little doll but it was liked a baby too. He was so interested and took a wooden stick and referred it…and suddenly he was shocked that it was a dead boy baby. He ran to tell about it to the another farmers then they told it to the head of village, Mr. Supomo.

It did not need much time and the policemen came to saved the case location from the villagers who wanted to know about it and stood the police line. The healthy workers took that unfortunate baby to be identified in the hospital. the police told that the cause of this case had not been known. It could be a killing by his parents who did not want him and he predicted that he was died 4-6 hours ago. He told that the police and healthy workers would  find the parents in around Pringsewu regency. (MH)

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Berita 2

(2/11) For people in regency Pringsewu have been usual  to face the rounding up by the police. The policemen usually are in the intersection of  Tugu Gajah in Bulukarto, in front of the Ulinoha clinic –Sidoharjo,  the bridge of Podosari, in front of the Chinese grave of Pagelaran and others places. It is to check the completing identity card of the driver, such as the license driving card,  the vehicle number card and others. Many people are trapped who do not have completing card, because of it .

The police suggests to the drivers to be careful when driving their vehicle  if they want to go another place  they have to use their helmet on the head for safety. And don’t forget to bring the completely card of identity.  This traffic operation will be held until  the beginning of January. (DR)

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Berita 3

(5/2) The happening of hill is in Pringsewu Regency is PJR hill or Penjerejo hill which is located in Panjerejo village. From the top of the hill we will be given the beautiful views of rice fields widely , river of Bulukaro, Bamboo tower of welcoming icon of Pringsewu regency,  others village such us Sidoharjo, Bulukarto, Pringsewu and around. This hill has been launched by Mr. Sujadi, the regent of Pringsewu. He climbed up the hill with other villagers and climber in last Friday. He told that hope this hill to be a one of the icon of Pringsewu and could give the villagers around got the financial by buying mineral water, snack or hat. And many people are to be parking attendants who take care car’s and motorcycle’s visitors.

Many people are interested with the PJR hill, so everyday there are many people (students, climbers) go to PJR hill. Because natural of hill, the villagers always care and make innovation for the comfort  by making the ground  stair, the fence and little cottage. If you are bored with the crowded of traffic and working, you have to visit PJR hill.(ET)

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