Contoh Explanation Text Tentang Banjir Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Artinya

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Contoh Explanation Text Tentang Banjir Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Artinya – Kita mengenal istilah Flood (banjir), dan akhir ini banyaknya daerah yang mengalami bencana banjir. Banjir merupakan keadaan alam dimana jumlah (debit) air melampaui batas kewajaran hal tersebut bisa terjadi karena adanya guyuran hujan yang tinggi atau mendapatkan atau dilalui air yang dari tempat yang lebih tinggi (dikenal dengan banjir kiriman). Nah kali ini kita akan memberikan contoh Explanation text tentang Flood atau Banjir.

Explanation adalah sebuah teks yang berisi tentang proses-proses yang berhubungan dengan fenomena-fenomena alam, sosial, ilmu pengetahuan, budaya dan lainnya. Berikut adalah Contoh Explanation tentang Banjir.

The Flood Destroyed The Pringsewu

Do you ever see the flood?
The flood is related with the raining season, Flood is a natural event or an incident in which a piece of land (or area) that is usually dry land, suddenly be submerged in water. Some flooding could occur suddenly and recede quickly. When flooding occurs in areas where people live, the water brings together objects such as houses, bridges, cars, furniture and even people. It can remove the farm, trees and a lot heavier items.

The recent flooding in Pringsewu. It was happened in the part of Pringsewu Regency, such as Parerejo village, Bulukarto village, Wonodadi village and also part of Sidoharjo village. The flood came in the mid night when the all the villagers got bed deeply. On Tuesday 23rd February was a bad memories to the flood victim, the raining felt down and began around 8 night, because of the heavy raining, the flood came and hit the first villages (Parerejo)around 3 dawn which was located in the edge of the Semah river and the wet rice field too. It destroyed some of the villagers’ home, brought the material such as table, wood, clothes , chair , mattress and others. They were in hurry to save their soul without thinking others. The terrible place was there, much helping was sent there from the clothes, food, drink, snack, and others.

The second village was hit by the flood is Wonodadi village, because of the low land village, this village was used to be a faithful place of flood. They had been ready after knowing the raining felt around night; they tried to save their television, motorcycle, bed mattress, sofa and others. The children and the women moved to the higher place to saving. The flood came around 8 morning. The food, drink, clean clothes and other items was sent there.

The third was Bulukarto, the nearest village of Bulukarto river was hit by the flood around 5 afternoon after many villagers tried to avoid the flood by putting the package sand in the edge of the river from two hours before. But it was useless because the hard water passed the highest land in Bulukarto so the flood hit almost homes in that village. The villagers moved to others villages, in the village ballroom and mosque. Many cared people gave the food, rice, oil,   clothes and other to the victims.

And the last was Sidoharjo which was located in the across of Bulukarto river, it was hit by the flood too but only 30 percent of Sidoharjo village. The villagers moved to the other home because only little which was not destroyed by the flood.

Participation of all elements of society must be done in an organized and coordinated so that people do not take action that can cause flooding like taking out the trash in the river, and they shall take action to prevent flooding. Action needs to be done to prevent flooding, among others:
• Discard water absorption holes
• Increase the green open space
• Change the behavior of society so it will not make the rivers as a giant trash

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