Contoh Laporan Bisnis Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Artinya

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Contoh Laporan Bisnis (Bussiness Report) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Artinya

Dalam dunia kerja, kita akan sering menemukan bahkan melakukan seperti pertemuan (meeting), pendataan (survey), laporan tahunan (annual report) dan lain sebagainya. Dalam kesempatan hari ini kita akan mencoba menampilkan beberapa hal penting dalam pembuatan Business Report atau Laporan Bisnis.

What the meaning of the business report?

In the main essential, we can conclude that the business report is one of the presentations in a company that includes the fact or the argument. We can conduct the business report  be able periodic, at the regular intervals or yearly. One of the example is the month report from the advertising manager telling that the sales manager how much money was spent  on advertising would be a periodic report. As you know that there are many kinds of the business report. They are  for serving many purpose, some of the report are analytical, some other else are for report the experimental, some give the result of the surveys, some giving the information and some tell about  the owner of the progress  being made in the business.  Remember that business report may go from the employees to manager; or they are stockholders, supervisors, employees or customers.

The memo or memorandum may be used for the most the business report written in the business, although report of business as long as five or six pages. Often, however longer reports are formal and a memorandum or letter of transmittal may accompany the business report. A letter of transmittal serves several purpose  in a formal report.

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Dibawah ini adalah contoh dari Business Report (Laporan Bisnis)

This report has been prepared by request of K.O.Gilbert , the vice manager  of the office services for Robinson, Ltd.  The purpose of the report is to determine whether the existing  office tools in the company is adequate to give the growing  needs. By “tools” mentioned that it meant that such office tools are type machines, type writer,  adding machine, duplicating machine, calculators, book keeping machine, printer, and other tools machines. This report  does not include a survey of office furniture, they are desks, tables, chairs, and others items.

In collecting the data for this report, all departments  head s were  interviewed as well as  every employees who, as his primary  responsibility, they are for operating an office machine. They are doing their job description as responsibility as they can. They are typist,  stenographer, book keepers, duplicating machine operators, computing machine operators and general office clerks. One full day was spent in each department for observing and checking the various operators at working. In each problems, the machine was thoroughly examined in terms of the profession it is intended to do.

We can get the summary that many machines in Robinson Ltd, need to be replaced with the new one.  We have enclosure of them.

Machine Amount of total
Duplicating machine 8
Remington 5
Type machine 10
Adding machine 9

The report has a suggestion for the company, the quality of the equipment will influence the service optimally and professionally. On the basic of the investigation, the fact reveal that  our office equipment is generally old and need to be replaced with the one for the good result.

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