Contoh Perbandingan Kata Sifat (Comparison of Adjectives) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Perbandingan Kata Sifat (Comparison of Adjectives) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap Dengan Wacana dan Soal

Hi, guys! Dalam bahasa inggris dan Indonesia kita mengenal dengan istilah Antonym , jenis kata kita sangat sering kita gunakan untuk menyatakan keterangan sifat dari dua benda. Beberapa contoh kata sifat yang belawanan kata antara lain:

  • Beautiful >< ungly (Cantik >< Jelek)
  • Hot >< Cool (Panas >< Dingin)
  • High >< Low  (Tinggi >< Rendah)
  • Interesting >< Boring (Menarik >< Membosankan)
  • Long >< Short (Panjang >< Pendek)
  • Happy >< Sad (Bahagia >< Sedih)
  • Fast >< Slow (Cepat ><Lambat)
  • Small >< Big (Kecil ><Besar)
  • Black >< White (Hitam ><Putih)
  • Dan lain sebagainya.

Dibawah ini kami sudah menyiapkan sebuah wacana yang berisi tentang perbedaan (berlawanan) dalam segi sifatnya.

Contoh I

Do you know my friends? I have many classmates in the own class and other class. Both of them are fun to my. I always spend my breaking time with them by playing a game, going to the canteen or discussing the difficult thing about subject. I have a special closed friend. His name is Benedictus Probo Kuncoro or I always call him Beni. He is so kind to me, he always gives whatever he brings. He is a smiling boy. He is able to do the mathematics question which are made the teacher. He is a clever boy.

He comes earliest , it means that he is discipline and intelligent . Although, he is a boy but he likes a tidy and he is careful when doing something. I have another friend, his name is Lintong Simbolang or everyone call him Lintong. He has different characteristic with Beny. He is careless, he always forgets to bring the notebook, doing the homework and making a noisy. He always late to come the classroom. He always gets the lowest score in mathematic .
Although they have different character , they keep helping and playing with together .



  1. How many people are told in the passage?
  2. What is the character of Beny?
  3. What is the character of Lintong?
  4. What is the antonym of careful?
  5. Does Lintong come to the classroom on time?
  6. Who does get the highest score in mathematic?

Contoh II

I have two nieces. They are Jonathan and Joshua. They are twin brother. Jonathan has taller body than Joshua. It is why I asked him to pick the mango. He is calm and speaks enough. He is fat and likes eating very much. I love touching his cubby   cheeks.

Joshua has lower than Jonathan but he can runs fast with his thin body and he always wind in the running contest. Although he has thin body it does not mean that he dislikes eating,,,the actually he likes eating very much. He always has breakfast, lunch and dinner with his twin.



  1. Who is Jonathan ?
  2. Are they twin?
  3. What is antonym of fast?
  4. What is the character of Jonathan?
  5. What is the character of Joshua?

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