5 Contoh Private Letter Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap Dengan Terjemah Terbaru

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5 Contoh Private Letter (Surat Pribadi) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap Dengan Terjemah Terbaru – The private letter atau yang dikenal dengan surat pribadi, sering kita temui yang berisi tentang menanyakan kabar sanak saudara, mengucapkan atas kesuksesan yang dicapai, mengajak untuk makan malam atau lain sebagainya. Berikut ini kami akan menghadirkan beberapa contoh the private letter untuk menambah dan mengembangkan bahasa inggris kita semua.

Private letter 1

January 3th 2017

Dear my Sister,
Tina, How are you in your university? I have printed our photo in Bali,I am sure that you want to see it, I have applied them in this letter to.

After having the holiday in Denpasar last month, I always think when we will go there together with other family. There, we saw many object resort such as beach, hill, cultural temple and kind people. It makes me miss the situation. Please , plan it more to our next year with the family.

Keep your health and I will keep our parents

Love you

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Private letter 2

Pringsewu, 23rd December 2016

Mom, how are you?

I hope that you and Dad are always well
I am sorry, I will not come back to celebrate our Christmas,
I have something in my wife’s home.
I hope the holy Christmas will make us be better human.

I love you
Rimba T. Nainggolang

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Private letter 3

Tawang Mangu, 4th March 2017

Dear my daughter, I forget to prepare our cake to thank giving ceremony, I will be at home 3 days later. I you don’t mind please come to Hilton food and cake and order 100 piece muffins and a box mineral water. I will pay it with ATM. And tell the owner.

Betty Sibarani

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Private letter 4

Tasikmalaya, 5th December 2016

Dear Jenny,

How are you my friends?
I was shocked after knowing that your father had passed a way, I am really sorry. I hope he will be in the heaven with the Jesus and your family always have the wise and patient to face this destiny. I am sorry too if I can not come to your house because I am still busy with my job in my new company. I hope that we will meet soon in this ending month.


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Private letter 5

Waringin Sari, 4th March 2017

Dear Tania,

I am sure you always well in your studying in other place, hehehe. I hope that you will buy me a “miniature Borobudur temple”, I will change the money after getting home. Thank you so much.



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