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Contoh Report Text About Sunflower Beserta Terjemah Dan Latihan Soal Lengkap

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Contoh Report Text About Sunflower Beserta Terjemah Dan Latihan Soal Lengkap – Kali ini kita akan membahas report text tentang flora atau tanaman. Untuk mengingatkan kembali, The report text merupakan jenis teks yang digunakan untuk menjelaskan atau memaparkan sebuah informasi agar pembaca mengetahui secara umum sebuah kejadian alam atau hal yang alami. Kita harus mengungkapkannya dengan menggunakan the simple present tense, karena hal tersebut terjadi secara terus menerus. Kita ambil contoh perihal bunga.

 Perhatikan contoh dari the report text , Report text about Sunflower atau Bunga Matahari.

Report Text
Sun flower (Helianthus annuus L.) is one of the flowers from famous type of the Asteraceae) , not only as beautiful plant or flower but also the oil producer plant. This flower is so typical; bid, it is usually light orange or yellow with the big of flower head (diameter can be reached 30 centimeter). This flower is real single flower which is formed by the hundreds until thousand small flower at the center. The sun flowers has typical caring too, is the flowers always faces or follow the sun or heliotropisme. The French calls it tournesol or the sun follower. But, this characteristic is avoid by the new cultivation to produce the oil because spending much energy and decrease the result.

An annual seasonal plant originating from the North American Tropical (Mexico), is 3 m to 5 m high depending on its variety. Single leaf width. Stems are usually overgrown with rough hair, erect, rarely branching.

Flowers arranged compound. There are two types of flowers: floral or flower of the tongue carrying one large yellow petal and sterile, and a fertile tube of flowers and seeds. Flower tube is the number can reach 2000 buds in a bunch of flowers. Pollination is open (cross) and is assisted by insects. On a clear day, bunches of compound flowers follow the daily movement of the Sun (the origin of the name of this plant), whose symptoms are called heliotropism. Plants benefit 10% more photosynthesis because of this movement.

The type of fruit is fruit brackets (achene). Dry fruits are rather hard and not too thick walled is often thought of the ‘seeds’ of the sun, because it can not easily be distinguished. The real seeds are located inside, sheltered by similar fruits of shell.



  1. After you read that text, What is the best title of that text?
  2. Where do you see that flower?
  3. What is the function of the sunflower ?
  4. What does the French call “sunflower”?
  5. What is “Pollination” in the least paragraph?
  6. Can you eat the seed of the sunflower?
  7. What is type of that flower?
  8. How much contents of the sunflower is it?
  9. What is Heliotropism in the text?
  10. Do you have sunflower in your home?

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