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Contoh Report Text About Tiger (Harimau) Beserta Artinya dan Latihan Soal Lengkap

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Contoh Report Text About Tiger (Harimau) Beserta Artinya dan Latihan Soal Lengkap Report text merupakan salah satu jenis teks bahasa inggris yang digunakan untuk menyatakan tentang paparan atau menjelaskaan sebuah benda yang besifat umum. Mirip dengan descriptive namun ini lebih umum. Dalam kesempatan ini kami akan memberikan the report about fauna, yaitu teks report yang mejelaskan tentang dunia hewan, khususnya macam (report text about tiger/harimau). Penggunaan the simple present tense harus kita gunakan karena bercerita berkelanjutan.

Report Text
Do you know a tiger ?
Do you ever see the tiger directly?
What is your feeling if you see it?
Where do you always see it?

A tiger is known as the largest animal only in cat family, it has typical as striped fur. As a largest animal which is as predator, it looks so beauty, grace and awesome. We can see the performance of in the wild, revealed by a throaty roar or a track on a dusty trail, electrifies the forest and delivers shivers down the spines of all who share its distance. Most of humans are afraid to face is, but there are some people love it because in the Asian myth, it tells about the figure prominently, religion, art and imagination.

Tiger typically is able to reach a shoulder height of 1 meter or three feet and can be measured from two to three meter (seven to ten feet) from the head to rear end. We can see the thick, furred tail extends about one meter. The tiger ranges in size from the small Sumatrans in which female weigh seventy to one hundred and ten meter (165 to 240 lb)and males weigh 100 to 400 kilograms (220 to 310 lb). there is a biggest tiger, it is Bengal Tiger . the female of it is until 1000 t0 160 kilograms (220 t0 355 lb) and the male weigh 180 to 258 kilograms (400-580 lb).

The tiger fur is so smooth and short of varies in color form dark orange to reddish brown with creamy white on the belly, neck and inside of limbs. Dark brown or black striped run vertically across the body. Stripe patterns are unique to individual tigers, and like fingerprints in humans, stripe can be used to tell tigers apart. In the past many visitors of the zoo interbred tigers that had this gene mutation   for whiteness in order to produce   more white tiger. It is way the tiger is so famous in the zoo.



  1. What s the best title of that report text?
  2. Which is the largest animal?
  3. Where can we see the tiger mostly?
  4. According to you, what is tiger’s food?
  5. How weigh the female of tiger is?
  6. How weigh the male of tiger is?
  7. What is Bengal tiger?
  8. How the fur of tiger is?
  9. How the height of tiger?
  10. Why is the tiger very well know in the zoo?

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