Contoh Report Text Cat atau Kucing Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Terjemah Lengkap Terbaru

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Contoh Report Text Cat atau Kucing Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Terjemah Lengkap Terbaru

Report text adalah jenis teks yang mengumumkan hasil penyelidikan atau mengumumkan sesuatu . Informasi yang diberikan dalam teks laporan adalah informasi yang sangat umum. Teks tersebut umumnya menggunakan the simple present tense karena teks tersebut memberikan informasi yang berlaku dari zaman dahulu hingga sekarang. Untuk mengingatkan kembali perihal the simple present tense, perhatikan rumusnya dibawah ini.

The verbal form

Subject (she, he, it) + verb 1 (es/s) +object
Subject (I, they, we, you) + verb 1 + object

The nominal form

Subject (she, he, it) + is + noun/ adjective/ adverb
Subject (I ) + am +   noun/ adjective/ adverb
Subject (they, we, you) + verb 1 + noun/ adjective/ adverb

Berikut adalah Report Text tentang kucing:

Report Text

Do you ever touch a cat?
Do you have a cat at home?

A cat is one of the mammal animal which is liked a lion. It is called small lion. Although they have a similarity but they are different much. A cat is categorized as a tame animal, is a carnivore which consumes meat, flesh or fish. We can see it everywhere such as at home, at road, at the cat conservation and other.

This mammal, has four legs for making it easy to run so don’t be shocked if you see the fast cat takes your meal in the dining table. It can run as fast as a dog. It has paws to protect itself from the enemy, climbing the tree and danger. It has sharp teeth which is useful to cut the meal, eat something and bring something. The beautiful and smooth feather is for protecting form the unpredicted situation and keeps the important body part. Every cat has different feather color, such as cream, black, white, or black-white and other.

It is a tame pet so everybody to take care of it at home, to protect from the mouse too. But we have to be careful when we are with it. There are many disease from the cat, guys.. for example influenza, cough, respiratory error who can be caused by the cat feather. If you have a cat at home and you love it so much, please wash your hand before touching your meal and face, sweep the floor after it sleeps and also takes a bath it once a day.

Terjemah :
Answer the question based on the text above:

  1. What is the best title of the text?
  2. What is the function of the paws?
  3. Why people love to take care of the cat (According to you)?
  4. What should we do if we want to take care of the cat?
  5. Do you like a cat? why?

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