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Contoh Report Text Tentang Volcano Eruption “The Tambora Eruption” Beserta Terjemah

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Contoh Report Text Tentang Volcano Eruption (Gunung Meletus) “The Tambora Eruption” Beserta Terjemah – Pada hari ini kita akan membahas perihal pegunungan (mountain) yang mempunyai aktifitas aktif, seperti terjadi letusan gunung berapi (eruption of mountain). Gunung aktif yang sudah diketahui keaktivannya gunung bromo, gunung merapi, gunung galunggung, gunung anakan Krakatau dan lain sebagainya. Dan pada hari ini apabila sahabat sekalian ingin membuat atau mengetahui situasi gununga meletus, kita siapkan contohnya The Tambora Eruption.

Untuk menjelaskannya kita harus menggunakan the simple past tense yang digunakan untuk menunjukan sebuah kegiatan yang terjadi pada masa lampau. Dan untuk jenis teksnya ini digolongkan ke dalam the report text yang berfungsi sebagai teks penjelas kejadian alam.

               The Tambora Eruption

  In the middle of 1815, there was a great eruption which destroyed some of the Indonesia because of the Tambora mountain. Tambora mountain itself was located in the Sumbawa island in Indonesia which erupted at the first on April 5th .it came in the dawn when all of the people were enjoying the bed in the night with their family. There was a great rumbling of water, wind and explosion heard hard. The people were so shocked of it, they looked out the home, and saw the eruption of Tambora mountain and the ash. They were so busy to keep and brought the family and important thing from the home. They ran to the other place which away from the mountain. The goat, cow and buffalo ran down from the mountain too.

There was no any preparation and could not see out side clearly only the moon light as their torch. Many victim were killed by the Tambora mountain around 100.000 people, the homes were burning, many goat and animals killed too. The lava fell down rapidly and made the people were panic and did not know what they should do. The plants burnt. They survived their self. They climbed the hill and mountain .

Unfortunately, five days after the first eruption, there was a greater eruption later from the Tambora mountain on April 10th and it had killed many people more than 100.000, animal and others. Flaming hot debris thrown into the surrounding ocean and caused the explosions of stream.  And more tragic the moderate –sized tsunami storm. It flew the much rock and ash was thrown away of Tambora mountain so that all the height   of volcano was reduced from 14.000 until 9.000 feet.

Everything will give the bad and good effect, same with the eruption of Tambora, it gave the fertilized ground, the spectacular colored sunset throughout the world, snow and frost in the New England during in June or summer.

Let we keep our environment, don’t do illegal logging and replant in ours


  1. Where was the Tambora mountain located?
  2. When did the Tambora eruption happened at first time?
  3. Where did the people save their selves?
  4. What were the bad effect of the Tambora eruption ?
  5. What were the good effet of the Tambora eruption?
  6. How many times were there eruption of Tambora mountain?
  7. What can we take the conclusion from the text above?
  8. Where the frost and snow were felt down?

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