How To Prepare For An Interview – Cara Mempersiapkan Diri Untuk Sebuah Wawancara Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Cara Mempersiapkan Diri Untuk Sebuah Wawancara (How To Prepare For An Interview) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap

Berkutit dengan  perihal “Pekerjaan”, sebelum kita mendapatkan sebuah pekerjaan pastinya kita akan mengalamai dan melewati masa wawancara (interview) yang diadakan oleh perusahaan iut sendiri untuk mendalami para pelamar dari segi sosial , privasi dan juga pengetahuannya. Sebelum kita diwawancarai ada beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatian, Ok…Pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas “How To Prepare For An Interview”.

As the applicant you have to prepare some of those preparations above.

1. Practice communication
You have to know about that company exactly, you have to know what the position will be found in that company. And if you have a qualification of education background, you can apply a job there. When you are in the interviewing , you have to know too about some of those question about the company, and we hope those questions can make you easy to answer. such as…

  • Why the position is interested by you? What is your reason?
  • What are your working experiences when you studied or after you graduated?
  • Tell about your education background
  • How is your work style?
  • And others

2. Eat well
Remember, where is a good body there is a good mind. Do you know that motto? Of course,, if we eat and drink which are consisted of good nutrient so our body will produce the energy to think and do something . so before going to the interview you have to eat and drink as enough as and you can answer the interviewer. And don’t try to eat or drink when the interview happens.

3. Exercise
You can practice to make sure that you can manage your nervousness and emotional when the interview runs. If you are nervous, you will face many failed actions in front of the interviews. You can practice how to talk with the mirror.

4. Rest
Talking about rest, many ways to take a rest in the many places , such as at home only, a beautiful cottage, in the lonely apartment to make you calm down. And your body will be fresh after getting up. Remember, avoid travelling all days , sleep at the mid night or doing useless something.

5. Dress well
How about if we talk about dress? I am sure that all of you have a reference what dress is suitable for you. You have to have an attention what the dress its fixed to interview. Don’t use jeans, mini skirt, sandals or backless dress. For you,,female,,, please don’t make up more.

Terjemah :

Now answer the questions below:

  1. Mention what must the applicant do before interviewing
  2. Can we use the watch on our hand?
  3. How can you practice to speak?
  4. What does the writer suggest about the eat?
  5. Can we apply the job in a company which we never know before?

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