6 Contoh Wedding Invitation Card Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

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6 Contoh Wedding Invitation Card (Surat Undangan Pernikahan) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru – Wedding invitation card merupakan salah satu jenis surat tidak resmi (informal letter) yang digunakan untuk menyatakan atau mengundang sesesorang untuk hadir dalam sebuah pesta pernikahan.  Beberapa hal yang ada di dalam Wedding invitation card yang sangat penting antara lain:

  1. Tanggal resepsi pernikahan
  2. Tempat resepsi pernikahan
  3. Nama mempelai wanita
  4. Nama mempelai pria
  5. Waktu resepsi pernikahan
  6. Dress code
  7. Dan lain sebagainya

Berikut beberapa contoh tentang surat undangan pernikahan. Untuk lebih jelasnya mari kita perhatikan dibawah ini.

[su_box title=”Wedding invitation card 1″ style=”bubbles” box_color=”#31c6d1″ radius=”1″]

Rosaline Nancy Debora
Felix Juan Wee

Requesting the pleasure of your attendance, They invite you in their holy wedding party which will be held

In Mendosa Hotel
At 7 – 10 p.m
On February 12th 2017

RSV: Timotius
Contact person 44748494

  1. Who will be married ?
  2. Where will they hold the ceremony?
  3. Should we use the certain dress code?
  4. How long the party will be held?
  5. What should we do if we want to enter the ceremony?

[su_box title=”Wedding invitation card 2″ style=”bubbles” box_color=”#31c6d1″ radius=”1″]
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lufhe Prabowo
Request the honor of your presence
In the marriage of their beloved daughter

Theresia Manuela Prabowo
Jionesia Rubby S.

On Tuesday, 6th March 2017
At the Orched Road 5- Legian- Bali
The dress code is purple

  1. Who is the Theresia Manuela Prabowo?
  2. What dress will be put by the guests?
  3. Where the party will be held?
  4. Will it be held only in certain time?
  5. Can we use red dress?

[su_box title=”Wedding invitation card 3″ style=”bubbles” box_color=”#31c6d1″ radius=”1″]
With the deepest wishes of us
Making a unforgettable wedding party

Nicolus Betrand Sugiyono
Sherlly Wakalau

We invite you as the special present in our wedding
In our home sweet home in West Jakarta
On Saturday night of the twelfth in August 2017

  1. Will they celebrate their wedding in the great hotel?
  2. Will it be held in the afternoon?
  3. When will they celebrate their wedding?

[su_box title=”Wedding invitation card 4″ style=”bubbles” box_color=”#31c6d1″ radius=”1″]

Maria Letisya Rumangkang
Thomas Benny Latuhua

We will be more pleased for your coming in our happy wedding party

Which will be held :

On Saturday night, 16th March 2017
At 8p.m
At the Hilton 4 Hotel- Palembang

In the white theme, we would like to give you various performances
So don’t miss it

  1. Who is the couple in that wedding party?
  2. What theme will be presented in that party?
  3. Are we able to come before seven night?
  4. we would like to give you various performances . what does “you” mean?

[su_box title=”Wedding invitation card 5″ style=”bubbles” box_color=”#31c6d1″ radius=”1″]
In the holy church of Jakarta Cathedral
We will make a promise to live together

Urmilla Dealova Lintong
Marcus Juan Sihombing

Will be guided of the beautiful angels of Jesus
We unite to be a couple
We will invite you
On Sunday
At 9 a.m – 11 a.m.

Your attendant is our biggest gift in our party

  1. Is the party will be held in the hotel?
  2. What time the guest should come to the party?
  3. How long the party will be held?
  4. Is there any certain dress code?

[su_box title=”Wedding invitation card 6″ style=”bubbles” box_color=”#31c6d1″ radius=”1″]

We have made a beautiful love story while we were in the college for 5 years
We had decided to make a unforgettable wedding of us

The flower party will be held in the Graha Andesta in Bengkulu
On Saturday night starts at 7
You have to remember our date

Johson Rudy Winata
Yelsa Irvi Gumawang

For the RSV
Mahdalena 48449494

  1. Where the party will be held?
  2. What should we do if we want to follow the party?
  3. When will the party begin?
  4. What date will the party be held?

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