Pengertian, Contoh Kalimat dan Latihan Soal Materi Modals dan Modal Perfect

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Pengertian, Contoh Kalimat dan Latihan Soal Materi Modals dan Modal Perfect 

Could you help me please? “Bisakah kamu membantuku”,, Penggunaan kata Could menandai permintaan tolong secara lebih halus kepada seseorang. Nah, sahabat SBI, sudahkan kalian mempelajari mengenai could, can, atau yang sering di sebut dengan Modal…Yuk kita pelajari Pengertian, Contoh dan Latihan soal Materi Modal dan Modal Perfect pada artikel berikut ini..

Modal adalah bagian dari auxiliary verb (kata kerja bantu), sehingga dapat di perlakukan seperti kata kerja bantu. Adapun fungsinya untuk memberikan tambahan arti pada kata kerja yang disertai. Modal selalu diikuti kata kerja dasar (infinitive without to).

Simple Modal

Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh kata dalam Simple Modal yang disertai dengan contoh kalimat.


  • Menyatakan kemampuan (ability)
    Contoh : She can speak three languages
  • Menyatakan ijin (permission)
    Contoh : Can I borrow your dictionary ?


  • Menyatakan kemampuan pada waktu lampau.
    Contoh : She could swim well when she was young.


  • Menyatakan ijin (permission)
    Contoh : May I read this book ?
  • Menyatakan kemungkinan (possibility)
    Contoh : He may come late this morning


  • Merupakan bentuk lampau dari may.
    Contoh : He said that he might come late
  • Menyatakan kemungkinan besar (strong possibility)
    Contoh : She might be at home today


  • Menyatakan kewajiban (obligation)
    Contoh : The students must study regularly
  • Menyatakan kebutuhan (necessity)
    Contoh : We must eat nutrious food
  • Menyatakan kesimpulan (conclusion)
    Contoh : She has been in England for many years. She must speak English fluently.

Modal Perfect

Dibawah ini merupakan pola rumus dari kalimat modal perfect beserta fungsi dan contoh kalimatnya.

[su_note note_color=”#d4ebfe” radius=”0″] Must + have + Verb-3 / been (pasti telah ….) [/su_note]
Untuk menyatakan kepastian atau kesimpulan tentang sesuatu yang terjadi pada waktu lampau (past conclusion)
Contoh : The oil was frozen. It must have been very cold last night.

[su_note note_color=”#d4ebfe” radius=”0″] Might + have + Verb-3 / been (mungkin telah ….) [/su_note]
Untuk menyatakankemungkinan pada waktu lampau (past possibility)
Contoh : Desty came late this morning, she might have missed the bus.

[su_note note_color=”#d4ebfe” radius=”0″] Should + have + Verb-3 / been = ought to + have + Verb-3 / been ( seharusnya telah….) [/su_note]
Untuk menyatakan saran yang seharusnya dilakukan pada waktu lampau (past suggestion)
Contoh : Lena has an examination today but she saw the film last night, she should have been studying for her exam last night.

[su_note note_color=”#d4ebfe” radius=”0″] Could + have + Verb-3 / been ( sebenarnya bisa……) [/su_note]
Untuk menyatakan kemampuan pada waktu lampau tetapi tidak terlaksana atau tidak dilakukan.
Contoh : We did not go last night. We could have gone to the cinema but we decided to stay at home.


1. “ I always admire artists who succeeded in winning the Citra Trophy’
‘I’m sure they …………… for it.

a. Must have worked hard
b. Should he working hard
c. Had rather work hard
d. Ought to work hard
e. Would have worked hard

2. ‘It was the first time that Charles got straight A’s during his study in Australia’
‘He………….. very hard.’

a. Should have studied
b. Might study
c. Must have studied
d. Could study
e. Would have studied

3. ‘With the increase of gasoline prices, may people cannot afford to use their own cars.’
‘They …. Public transport, then.’

a. Must have used
b. Would use
c. Could have used
d. May have used
e. Had better use

4. ‘I’m glad Adi’s academic performance has greatly improved this semester’
‘I bet, he ………………. Hard for that.

a. Should have worked
b. Has to work
c. Must have worked
d. Would work
e. Ought to have worked

5. ‘I wonder why Hera has not contracted me so long.’
‘She…………. Busy looking after her baby, because her baby sitter has resigned.’

a. Must have been
b. Has to be
c. Should have been
d. Might have been
e. Must be

6. ‘I am tired of watching that movie, there is too much violence.’
‘I agree,……….. the channel?’

a. I should change
b. Would we rather change
c. I must change
d. Shall I change
e. Had I better change

7. ‘There’s a letter stating that Ina has to leave for the U.S next week.’
‘Well, she ……….. the news right away then.’

a. Should tell
b. Should have told
c. Should be telling
d. Should be told
e. Should be telling it

8. ‘So, you finally took your husband to the hospital ?’
‘Yes, although he ………… alternative medicines.’

a. Must be taking
b. Ought to have taken
c. Should be taking
d. Would rather have taken
e. Had better take

9. ‘What should the country go to maintain self-sufficiency in rice?’
‘It…………. Double its rice production.’

a. Could
b. Must
c. Had to
d. Would
e. Will

10. ‘Does Anto know that Mirna had an accident yesterday?’
‘I don’t think so. We……………… as sson as we knew it.’

a. May have told him
b. Should have told him
c. Had to tell him
d. Must have told him
e. Had better tell him

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