Pengertian, Jenis Dan Contoh Dependent and Independent Clause Lengkap dengan Soal

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Pngertian, Jenis Dan Contoh Dependent and Independent Clause Lengkap dengan Soal

Tahukah sahabat SBI (Study Bahasa Inggris) Menurut tatabahasa yang dimaksud dengan klausa adalah sekumpulan kata yaang terdiri dari subjek dan predikat yang memiliki arti lengkap. Dalam bahasa inggris klausa dibagi menjadi dua (2), yaitu Independent dan dependent clause. Dalam artikel ini akan membahas jenis jenis Independent dan dependent clause lengkap dengan contoh kalimat dan penjelasannya.

1. Adjective Clauses

Adjective Clause (klausa penjelas kata benda) yaitu suatu klausa yang berfungsi sebagai kata sifat penjelas kata benda dalam kalimat majemuk. Klausa adjective memberikan atau menambah keterangan pada kata ganti, kata benda atau kelompok kata benda. Kalusa adjective untuk menerangkan orang biasanya diawali dengan relative clause who, whom, atau whose sedangkan untuk benda dan binatang which, that atau whose.

Non-Defening Adjective Clause

  • Who : menggantikan subjek orang
    Contoh : Dila’s father, who is forty years old, plays tennis twice a week.
  • Whom : menggantikan objek orang.
    Contoh : Do you know Mr.Hadi, whom I talked to yesterday.
  • Whose : menggantikan possessive objek orang
    Contoh : We take a pity to Dina’s father, whose health is getting worse and worse
  • Which : menggantikan subjek benda/binatang.
    Contoh : Jakarta, which has population over eight million, is the capital of Indonesia.
  • Which : menggantikan objek benda/binatang
    Contoh : She told me her address, which I wrote down on piece of paper.
  • Whose : menggantikan possessive adjective benda/binatang
    Contoh : The book, whose cover is torn, is mine.

Defining Adjective Clause

  • Who, that : menggantikan subjek orang.
    Contoh :
    The boy who is speaking English with Santi is a new student.
    The boy that is speaking English with Santi is a new student.
  • Whom, that : menggantikan objek orang.
    Contoh :
    The man whom she introduced to me is manager.
    The man that she introduced to me is a manager.
  • Which, that : menggantikan subjek kata benda/binatang
    Contoh :
    Jane showed Dewi the book which belongs to Rina
    Jane showed Dewi the book that belongs to Rina
  • Which, that : menggantikan objek benda/binatang
    Contoh :
    The dictionary which I showed to Lina yesterday belongs to Sinta
    The dictionary that I showed to Lina yesterday belongs to Sinta

2. Adverb Clause

Adverb clause adalah klausa terikat yang berfungsi sebagai adverb (keterangan) dalam kalimat majemuk. Jadi dapat menggantikan adverb dalam kalimat tunggal. Adverb clause mempunyai banyak ragam seperti halnya adverb (kata keterangan ) yaitu :

  •   Adverb clause of time ( anak kalimat pengganti keterangan waktu)
    Adverbial clause of time di awali dengan konjungsi after, before, when, as, as soon as, until, while.
    Contoh : She used to live in the rural village before she moved to Surabaya.
  • Adverbial clause of place ( anak kalimat pengganti keterangan tempat).
    Adverbial clause of place diawali dengan konjungsi where atau wherever.
    Contoh : Siska lives where she was born.
  • Adverbial clause of reason ( anak kalimat pengganti sebab akibat ).
    Adverbial clause of reason diawali dengan konjungsi because, since, as atau that.
    Contoh : Since he had nothing to do, he went to the theatre.
  • Adverbial clause of purpose ( anak kalimat pengganti keterangan tujuan).
    Adverbial clause of purpose diawali dengan konjungsi so, so that, in order that.
    Contoh : Tony studied hard so that he would pass admission test.
  • Adverbial clause of concession
    Adverbial clause of concession diawali dengan konjungsi though, although, while atau whereas.
    Contoh : Although it was raining, they went to the party.
  •  Adverbial clause of condition.
    Adverbial clause of condition diawali dengan konjungsi if, unless, as , on condition that.
    Contoh : We will not be able to answer the questions if we do not read the text.

3. Noun Clause

Noun clause dalam kalimat menduduki fungsi kata benda. Jadi dapat sebagai subjek, objek, ataupun pelengkap.

  • Sebagai subyek
    Contoh :
    What he decided makes
    the members happy.
    Where she went was not certain.
    That he passed the exam
    suprises us.
  • Sebagai obyek.
    Contoh :
    The students have to do what their teacher assigned them.
    The principal gave whoever got the best marks a present.
  • Sebagai pelengkap.
    Contoh :
    This is where I work.


1. ‘Have you seen Mr. Imam about our proposal ?’
‘Yes, I have and I asked him……………..’

a. Was our proposed budged feasible ?
b. That our proposed budged feasible.
c. Whether our proposed budged was feasible.
d. How feasible was our budged.
e. Our proposed budged was feasible.

2. The tourists, ……………. are Japanese, were among the crowd participating in the ‘dangdut’ dance.

a. There many’
b. Many of them
c. Whose many
d. Many of whom
e. They who

3. ‘ Has the mother finally decided what to buy for herself ?’
‘ I don’t know’ let’s ask her what……………’

a. Does she want to buy
b. To buy
c. Is buying
d. Does she buy
e. She wants to buy

4. The singing contest participants, only five of …….. will be selected to enter the grand final are now waiting for the jury’s decision.

a. Whom
b. Whose
c. Them
d. Which
e. These

5. ‘Look at the beautifully carved doors of that house’
‘Well, in fact it is the house ………..’

a. Which I was born
b. I was born in this house
c. In which I was born
d. I was born there
e. Where was I born

6. The books on this shelf, ………….. are about child education, belong to my sister-in-law.

a. Which of most
b. In which
c. That of most
d. Most of which
e. Of which

7. ………………………………… will be explained by a lawyer.

a. What the impact of the new law is
b. The impact of the new law is
c. What is the impact of the new law
d. Is it the impact of the new law
e. What the new law’s impact

8. Did I tell you about the girl ……….. I met during the students demonstration last week ?

a. Who
b. Whose
c. Whom
d. Of which
e. With whom

9. Have you already been told ……….?

a. If the jazz festival takes place
b. When the jazz festival takes place
c. Whether the jazz festival takes place
d. Why does the jazz festival takes place
e. Where does the jazz festival takes place

10. …………….. is a beautiful island rich in culture has been confirmed by tourists from around the world.

a. Bali
b. Whether Bali
c. If Bali
d. That Bali
e. How Bali

[su_spoiler title=”Key Answer” style=”simple” icon=”caret”]

  1. C
  2. D
  3. E
  4. A
  5. C
  6. D
  7. A
  8. C
  9. B
  10. D


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