51 Contoh Question Error Analysis Of The Sentences dan Kunci Jawaban

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Hai sahabat SBI (Study bahasa Inggris ), kembali saya menyapa kalian semuanya pada kesempatan ini. Khususnya untuk sahabat yang akan menghadapi berbagai ujian , saya dedikasikan tulisan ini untuk mempermudah dalam menghadapi soal ujian bentuk Error Analysis yang mana kalian di haruskan untuk menemukan suatu kesalahan (Find Mistakes) dalam suatu kalimat pertanyaan yang di berikan. Untuk lebih jelasnya mari perbanyak latihan mengerjakan soal error analysis of the sentences, yuk kita pelajari latihan soal berikut ini :

Instruction : Find the part in this sentences is incorrect. (Temukan bagian pada kalimat ini yang salah ).

1. What is the higher mountain in the world ?

a. What
b. Is
c. Higher
d. In

Jawaban : higher

2. I wish my mother gives me presents more often.

a. Wish
b. Gives
c. Me
d. More often

Jawaban : gives

3. The teacher was pleasing with the result of your examination.

a. The
b. Was
c. Pleasing
d. Of

Jawaban : pleasing

4. The little boy didn’t know how lacing his shoes.

a. The little boy
b. Didn’t
c. How
d. Lacing

Jawaban : lacing

5. You are quite so thin that you can slip between the bars.

a. Are
b. Quite so
c. Can slip
d. Between

Jawaban : quite so

6. To turn on the light, I was surprised at what I saw.

a. To turn
b. On
c. Was
d. At

Jawaban : to turn

7. I would rather live on a farm than to live in a city.

a. Would rather
b. Live
c. On
d. To live

Jawaban : to live

8. The school library is free and open for all the pupils and teaching staff.

a. Is
b. And
c. For
d. All

Jawaban : for

9. Why don’t you borrow books in the local lending library ?

a. Why
b. Don’t
c. Borrow
d. In

Jawaban : in

10 He had to admit that there were something in what mother kept saying.

a. Admit
b. Were
c. What
d. Saying

Jawaban : were

11. The students suggested buying flowers for the teachers in the teachers’ day.

a. The students
b. Buying
c. For
d. In

Jawaban : in

12. No one have solved such a difficult problem.

a. Have
b. Solved
c. Such
d. Difficult

Jawaban : have

13. During their meat, they discussed what to do at the weekend.

a. During
b. Meat
c. To do
d. At

Jawaban : meat

14. If you write the essay careful, you will get good mark.

a. If
b. Write
c. Careful
d. Will

Jawaban : careful

15. Ordinary Americans are friendly and not afraid to show its feelings.

a. Ordinary
b. Are
c. Not
d. Its

Jawaban : its

16. The girl who were injured in the accident is now in hospital.

a. Who
b. Were
c. In
d. Is

Jawaban : were

17. Thank you very much of the present that you sent me.

a. Very
b. Much
c. Of
d. That

Jawaban : of

18. There wasn’t some directory in the telephone box from which I was phoning.

a. Wasn’t
b. Some
c. The
d. Form

Jawaban : some

19. The man who I was waiting for didn’t turn up.

a. The man
b. Who
c. Was
d. For

Jawaban : who

20. Women wear make-up to beautiful themselves.

a. Wear
b. Make-up
c. Beautiful
d. Themselves

Jawaban : beautiful

21. Mai and Lan have a row because they have misunderstood one another.

a. Have
b. Because
c. Misunderstood
d. One another

Jawaban : one another

22. The worker are building a new bridge which is 150 meters in high.

a. Building
b. A new bridge
c. Which
d. High

Jawaban : high

23. Its no use asking them keep quiet.

a. No use
b. Asking
c. Them
d. Keep

Jawaban : keep

24. This text is too long for me to read it.

a. Is
b. Long
c. To read
d. It

Jawaban : it

25. I can’t get used to doing so difficult exercise.

a.  Can’t
b. Used
c. Doing
d. So

Jawaban : so

26. My father doesn’t know speak English.

a. My
b. Doesn’t
c. Speak
d. English

Jawaban : speak

27. She behaves as if she was a baby.

a. Behaves
b. As if
c. Was
d. A

Jawaban : was

28. You wanted me to tell you about what I was doing here and how was my life.

a. To tell
b. About
c. Was doing
d. Was

Jawaban : was

29. The course is good but more hard than I thought.

a. Is
b. But
c. More hard
d. Tough

Jawaban : more hard

30. Sleeping all day, to eat too much and never going out is unhealthy.

a. Sleeping
b. To eat
c. Much
d. Never

Jawaban : to eat

31. The dentist gave me a check up and then telling me I needed two fillings.

a. Me
b. Check up
c. Telling
d. Feelings

Jawaban : telling

32. These engines used being started by hand. But now they are started by electricity.

a. Used
b. Being
c. But now
d. Are

Jawaban : being

33. This house is often broken off and a lot of things are taken away.

a. Is
b. Broken
c. Off
d. Away

Jawaban : off

34. My father has a mechanic to repair his motorbike monthly.

a. Has
b. A
c. To repair
d. Monthly

Jawaban : to repair

35.  there always is one wise woman who is both feared and respected by her people.

a. Always
b. Wise
c. Who
d. Both

Jawaban : always

36. The woman tells them close their eyes tightly and cover them with their hands.

a. Tells
b. Close
c. Tightly
d. With

Jawaban : close

37. They visited America about a thousand years ago on the eleventh century AD.

a. Visited
b. Thousand
c. Ago
d. On

Jawaban : on

38. Ha Dong is the town where I am born and grew up.

a. Is
b. Where
c. Am
d. Grew

Jawaban : am

39. She is the girl about that I talked to you yesterday.

a. The girl
b. That
c. To
d. Yesterday

Jawaban : that

40. The lesson that we are learning now is very interested but difficult.

a. That
b. Now
c. Interested
d. But

Jawaban : interested

41. She made me to pay for the damage I had done.

a. Made
b. To pay
c. For
d. Had done

Jawaban : to pay

42. He warned me to make an eye on my luggage as that place was full of thieves.

a. Me
b. To make
c. On
d. Full

Jawaban : to make

43. When you are late for class, you should apologize for your teacher.

a. When
b. For
c. Should
d. Apologize

Jawaban : for

44. The village that I was born and grew up is situated on the Red River.

a. That
b. Grew
c. Situated
d. On

Jawaban : that

45. Some children, before going to school, go to kindergartens, officially are called nursery schools.

a. Before
b. Go
c. Officially
d. Are called

Jawaban : are called

46. English children start school in six and finish at sixteen.

a. English
b. Start
c. In
d. At

Jawaban : in

47. I don’t feel as tired after a train journey so I do after a car journey.

a. Don’t
b. Tired
c. So
d. After

Jawaban : so

48. The child ran fastly to get to school.

a. Child
b. Fastly
c. To
d. School

Jawaban : fastly

49. If it will rain this afternoon, we will have to cancel our picnic.

a. If
b. Will rain
c. Will
d. Cancel

Jawaban : will rain

50. He is very weak to lift this suitcase.

a. Very
b. Weak
c. To
d. this

Jawaban : very

51. Sun weather can always be depended on in southern countries.

a. Sun
b. Always
c. On
d. In

Jawaban : sun

Bagaimana sahabat SBI , sudah berlatih kan ? terus semangat ya dalam mengerjakan latihan soal ERROR ANALYSIS karena hal ini bisa mengasah kepekaan materi structure grammar kalian…. Semoga bermanfaat @_@ .

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