Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Mid Semester Ganjil Kelas X IPS

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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Mid Semester Ganjil Kelas X IPS 


Apa kabar kalian pada kesempatan hari ini?

Sudah saat nya kita untuk mengikuti simulasi ujian mid (tengah) semester pada semester ganjil ini, untuk tingkat SMA pada jurusan IPS. Ada beberapa materi yang menyesuaikan dengan syllabus yang ada, yaitu perihal the simple past tense, narrative text, recount text, asking for invitation, reported speech dan passive voice. Nahh pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan menyuguhkan contoh soal Mid (tengah) semester ganjil untuk tingkat SMA. Yuuuuk..

1. Give me 2 (two) sentences about your personal identity.

For number 2-4, please change into the positive, negative or interrogative of the simple past tense

2. Nadina……………………………….. (make) a birthday cake yesterday

3. You ……………………………………(not understand) about our last explanation

4. Where……………………………………………………………….(you, buy) your beautiful hat?

For number 5-6, read the passage, then answer

Nyi Roro Kidul


Once open the time, there was a beautiful daughter, she was named Kadita. Because of her beauty, all the people called her Dewi Srengenge which meant the beautiful Sun. Her father was a king Munding Wangi. Although his daughter was beautiful but he was not happy, he wanted to have a son.


He decided to marry with Dewi Mutiara and the fortunately they got a son. She wanted that their son became the king in the future. She had a way to move Kadita, she asked the magician to change Kadita’s body full of the illness.


The illness attacked Kadita, she was so sad and cried. The king was sad to. Her step mother asked the king to bring Kadita out from the palace, the first time he did not agree but he decided to move her to the jungle.

Kadita was so sad and she walked along the jungle for seven nights. She always prayed to God but she stepped down and she found the south ocean whose the water was clean and clear. She jumped into it . Suddenly the wave curved her illness and she became beautiful again. She was known as Nyi Roro Kidul or the queen of South ocean


5. Why did the king agree to move Kandita to the jungle?

6. How did Kandita’s beauty come back again?

For number 7-8, read the passage, then answer

Going to West Lampung


A week ago, I and my friends went to West Lampung. We went there to attending our friend’s wedding, Emi. We started to go from Pringsewu at 5:30 a.m. We had to pick our friends up in Bandar Lampung, Wawan and Merna. We stopped in Bandar Jaya monument , to have breakfast and took picture. Then we continued our journey.


We stopped again in Bukit Kemuning to buy souvenir and fruits. We enjoyed our journey because it was not hot but cold. In our journey, we sang together and retold our college moment. We arrived in West Lampung at


We came to Emi’s wedding at 11:15 a.m, then we enjoyed the food which had been prepared. We decided to go to Rest Area of West Lampung, there were luxurious mosque and Bumi Skala Beghak monument on the hill. We climbed and took with beautiful views there. We visited our friends to, Kandar’s home, Endang’s home and Mundirin’s home. We went back to Emi’s wedding at 5 p.m and we left at 5:30 p.. although it was raining hard.


We came back and arrive at Bandar Lampung at 10 p.m. We felt so hungry so we found the restaurant. Because the following day was Idul Adha so we were difficult to get it, fortunately we got a restaurant. We ordered spicy soup, satay, juices, fried chicken and rice. After finishing we continued to go back, and I arrive at home at 11:30 p.m. Although I felt so tired, but I felt so happy,, I can meet my friends who had never met for 6 years…..i

7. Where did they took picture in West Lampung?

8. Did they start to go West Lampung at afternoon?

For number 9-10, please read the dialogue and answer .

Fairuz    : Did you receive Naadina’s invitation card?

Lovy       : No, I didn’t . what is the party?

Fairuz    : She want s to celebrate her sweet sixteen.

Lovy       : Will you come?

Fairuz    : I love to but tomorrow I have english course exmanination

9. What is the party of Naadina?

10. Will Fairuz come the party?

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