Contoh Soal Modal Auxiliary Verb Beserta Jawaban

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Contoh Soal Modal Auxiliary Verb (Kata Kerja Bantu) Beserta Jawaban


Sahabat SBI (Study bahasa Inggris), kali ini saya akan mengulas mengenai Contoh Soal Modal Auxiliary VerbSebelumnya, apakah Sahabat SBI masih ingat yang di sebut dengan modal auxiliary verb itu seperti apa ya ? Yaps.. terkadang bisa disebut sebuah kata kerja, meskipun bukan kata kerja yang sebenarnya. Kata ini biasanya sering digunakan dengan kata kerja utuk memodifikasi arti dari kata kerja tersbut. Dalam past tense modal mempunyai bentuk past nya, misal can jadi could atau shall jadi should yang memiliki fungsi untuk mengekspresikan willingness (kemauan) atau ability (kemampuan), necessity (kebutuhan), dan possibility (kemungkinan). Langsung saja yuk kita simak contoh soalnya berikut ini :


Latihan Soal !

a.  Multiple Choice

  1. Your glass is empty. …. I get you some more fresh water?

A. shall
B. will
C. can
D. should
E. Shall have


  1. We …. like to visit that new store some day.

A. shall
B. will
C. can
D. would
E. Shall have


  1. You are sick, but you don’t come  hospital to see a doctor.
    You …. visit him soon.

A. would
B. could
C. should
D. will
E. can


  1. “I really don’t know why Tony didn’t come to the meeting”.
    “There ….. something wrong with him.

A. might be
B. could be
C. will be
D. should have been
E. must have been                                                                     

5.“Rini is old enough. She …. know better than the others about it.

A. will
B. could
C. must
D. may be
E. can


  1. They………….. study hard because next April they will take the examination.

A. Will
B. Should
C. Can
D. Must
E. May


  1. You…………….. permit to your mother if you go to school.

A. Must
B. May
C. Mustn’t
D. Would
E. Shall


  1. She …………………. Come here tomorrow.

A. Will
B. Can
C. Must
D. May
E. Might


  1. He……………….speak English well if he took English course.

A. Will
B. Can
C. Could
D. May
E. May not


  1. You seem to be having trouble there………………….. I help you ?

A. Would
B. Will
C. Shall
D. Should
E. might

b. Complete the following sentences using can/may/must

should. Sometimes you need the negatives.

  1. My father is very smart. He ________ speak five languages.
  2. Look! The girl is falling into the river. We ________ rescue her now.
  3. Tom gets failed in his exams. I think he ________ study harder.
  4. There is nobody in the room now. They ________ go out to buy something.
  5. If you don’t bring your dictionary, you ________ borrow mine now.
  6. You ________ touch the wall. My father has just painted it.
  7. You ________ care about her since she loves you very much.
  8. John is absent from school today. He ________ be sick.
  9. The bus 1 has just left. We ____wait another later.
  10. Sorry, I am very busy now. I ________ help you.


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  1. A. shall
  2. D. would
  3. C. should
  4. E. must have been
  5. C. must
  6. B. Should
  7. B. May
  8. A. Will
  9. C. Could
  10. A. Would


  1. Can
  2. Must
  3. Should
  4. May
  5. Can
  6. Mustn’t
  7. Must
  8. May
  9. Should
  10. Can



Demikian materi Contoh Soal Modal Auxiliary Verb, Selamat Mengerjakan soal-soal di atas ya, karena sukses cepet tercapai kalau Sahabat SBI focus pada apa yang kita inginkan, bukan pada hal yang kita takuti. Selamat Berjuang…………..

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