Full Materi Concord / Agreement – Pengertian, Jenis, Contoh , Dan Soal Latihan LENGKAP

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Full Materi Concord / Agreement – Pengertian, Jenis, Contoh , Dan Pembahasan Soal Latihan

Apa kabar sahabat SBI (Study Bahasa Inggris) ? Semoga dalam keadaan sehat selalu, aamin. Kali ini saya akan menyampaikan materi mengenai Concord. Apa sih Concord itu ? Mungkin bagi sebagian sahabat SBI masih asing dengan materi ini. Yuk lebih jelasnya kita pelajari dalam artikel di bawah ini :

Concord atau Agreement adalah persesuaian unsur-unsur  pembentuk kata, frase, atau kalimat sesuai dengan kaidah kebahasaan yang berlaku pada suatu bahasa. Concord dapat dibedakan menjadi beberapa jenis antara lain :

a. Concord of pronoun
b. Concord of number
c. Concord of tense

Concord of pronoun

Concord of pronoun adalah persesuaian antara kata benda (noun) dengan kata ganti (pronoun)

Contoh :
1. The girl under the tree waved her hand.
2. My father’s sister wanted me to see her at the office.

Concord of number

Concord of number adalah persesuaian antara subyek dengan kata kerja atau kata kerja bantu.

Contoh :
1. One of my friends was absent yesterday.
2. Economics has become a popular subject now.
3. The team are playing seriously in the match.
4. Ten hours feels short for the busy people.

Concord of tense

Concord of tense adalah persesuaian antara kata kerja dengan keterangan waktu.

Contoh :
1. The students are reading in the library now.
2. They go to the movie on Sundays.


1. ‘Have you checked where most of the seminar participants come from ?’
‘Oh yes, two-thirds of them ….. from various parts of Java.’

a. Are coming
b. Comes
c. They come
d. To come
e. Come

2. All the doctors in our hospital have their own practice room and each of them……… a nurse to assist him.

a. Needs
b. They need
c. He need
d. Need
e. To need

3. The installation not various high-tech electrical devices in our office………… a sophisticated safety system.

a. Requiring
b. Requires
c. To require
d. Require
e. It requires

4. As the production of these commodities greatly ………….. on the availability of raw materials, they are very expensive.

a. Depending
b. To depend
c. Depends
d. Be dependent
e. They depend

5. ‘I have heard that the school where you teach is very good,’
‘Oh yes, many of …………… have become popular leaders of the country.’

a. Graduates
b. Her graduates
c. Who graduates
d. Its graduates
e. Their graduates

6. There were fierce protests from parents of the students of the international school because of…….. suddenly increase to school fee.

a. Them
b. It
c. Theirs
d. Its
e. Their

7. The Amazon valley is extremely important to the ecology if the earth. Forty percent of the world’s oxygen ……………. There.

a. Are being produced
b. Are produced
c. Is being produced
d. Is produced
e. Was produced

8. The instability of Indonesia’s economic and political condition ………. Foreign investors reluctant to invest in Indonesia.

a. Makes
b. Greatly make
c. Have made
d. Are made
e. They make

9. Different interpretations on the same event by various newspapers……… readers confused and angry.

a. To make
b. They make
c. Make
d. In make
e. Makes

10. ‘What makes you so sad with the current reform movement in Indonesia?’
‘…………… bad effect on Indonesia’s economy.’

a. It
b. Peoples
c. Its
d. They
e. Theirs

11. ‘ What has made the tourist resorts so unattractive ?
‘ The poor maintenance of …….. facilities.’

a. It
b. Their
c. Its
d. They
e. Theirs

12. At the beginning of the semester each of the students ………. given a new timetable.

a. He is
b. They are
c. Are
d. Is
e. Be

13. Due to the monetary crisis, the number of people without jobs……… at the moment.

a. Increase
b. Is increasing
c. Increased
d. Was increasing
e. Will increase

14. One of the problems faced by foreign businessman ……… the frequent changing of regulation.

a. Are
b. Is being
c. Be
d. Is
e. To be

15. The way he smiles and talks always ……….. many girls.

a. To attract
b. It attracts
c. Attracts
d. Attracting
e. Attract

[su_spoiler title=”Kunci jawaban :” style=”simple” icon=”caret”]
1. B
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. D
6. D
7. D
8. A
9. C
10. C
11. B
12. D
13. B
14. D
15. C

Demikianlah pembahasan materi Concord pada kesempatan ini, Sahabat SBI bila kalian tak tahan akan lelahnya belajar maka kelak kau harus tahan menanggung perihnya kebodohan. So, Ayo semangat belajar karena bekal ilmu adalah investasi untuk masa depan. Nantikan postingan selanjutnya ya tetap di SBI (Study bahasa Inggris)…..