Pengertian, Fungsi, Pemakaian Kata Kerja Infinitive to / tanpa to Terlengkap 2016

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Pengertian, Fungsi, Pemakaian Kata Kerja Infinitive to / tanpa to Terlengkap 2016

Salam jumpa sahabat SBI (Study bahasa Inggris ) dimanapun keberadaan kalian, semoga selalu dalam lindungan Tuhan Yang Maha Esa.. Pada kesempatan ini, izinkan saya berbagi pengetahuan kembali. Artikel di bawah ini akan mencoba memberikan ulasan lebih detail mengenai pengertian, fungsi, pemakaian kata kerja infinitive to atau tanpa to. Semoga dapat bermanfaat untuk semuanya…

Pada dasarnya Infinitive adalah kata kerja yang menggunakan to maupun yang tidak menggunakan to. Pembahasan mengenai infinitive dalam bab ini hanya terbatas pada arti dan pembahasan kata kerja, baik yang menggunakan to maupun yang tidak menggunakan to secara khusus. Untuk mempermudah pembahasan digunakan istilah “to infinitive”, tanpa to atau infinitive yang tidak menggunakan to.

Fungsi to Infinitive :

Dibawah ini adalah beberapa fungsi To Infinitive :

Sebagai subjek
Contoh : to drive fast needs a lot of practice

Sebagai modifier (penjelas/pembatas) :

  • Kata kerja (Modifier of verb )
    Contoh : John went to buy a ticket
  • Kata benda (modifier of a noun )
    Contoh : He took a chair to sit.
  • Kata sifat (Modifier of an adjective )
    Contoh : The lesson are very to understand
  • Kata Tanya atau frase yang dimulai dengan kata tanya ( Modifier of a WH-Word or a WH-Phrases)
    Contoh : He asked me how to do the exercise.

Kata Kerja Yang Harus Diikuti to-infinitive

Kata kerja berikut ini harus diikuti to-infinitive.

Advise expect
promise want
Allow Force
Learn Propose
Warn Ask
Hope Mean
Teach Wish
Beg Instruct
Need Tell
Would like Decide
Intend Permit

Pola kalimat yang digunakan adalah :

[su_note note_color=”#d4ebfe” radius=”2″] S + V + to-infinitive + ……………… [/su_note]

Contoh :

  • He wants to go
  • The lady decided to go aboard

[su_note note_color=”#d4ebfe” radius=”2″] S + V + O + to-infinitive +……………[/su_note]

Contoh : The headmaster asked us to wear the uniform every Saturday

Fungsi Infinitive tanpa to bare Infinitive digunakan :

  • Setelah kata : need not, dare not (tidak berani), would rather (lebih suka), had better (sebaiknya), dan would sooner (lebih suka).
    Contoh : You need not say anything.
  • Setelah Modal ( can, could, may, might, shall, should, ought to, will, would, must).
  • Setelah kata kerja sensasi, persepsi, dan causative have, kecuali dalam bentuk passive.
    Contoh : I head her leave the house.

Jika digunakan dalam bentuk pasif kata kerja tersebut harus diikuti oleh to-infinitive.
Contoh : She was helped to finish her works.

Kecuali : LET (artinya : baik active atau passive, LET diikuti infinitive tanpa to).

Contoh :

  • They let him go.
    Passive : He was let go
  • He lets Amir enter the room.
    Passive : Amir is let enter the room.

Beberapa kata kerja yang bisa diikuti infinitive tanpa to :

Feel Look at
See Make
Have Listen to
Know Observe
Hear Get
Let Watch
Notice help

Kata kerja persepsi dan sensasi diatas juga bisa diikuti kata kerja bentuk ing, kecuali : Let, make, have, know, dan help.

Contoh : They saw the thief running away.

Perbedaan bentuk infinitive tanpa to dan kata kerja bentuk ing dalam pemakaian ini terletak pada sempurna tidaknya peristiwa yang dilakukan. Kata kerja bentuk ing menunjukkan sedang berlangsungnya peristiwa kapan dimulai dan kapan berakhirnya tidak diketahui. Sedang bentuk infinitive tanpa to menunjukkan lengkapnya peristiwa tersebut, sejak dari awal sampai akhir.

Soal-soal Latihan !

1. Being lost, the tourist stopped ….. at his map for the place they wanted to visit.

a. Looking
b. To look
c. Looked
d. He looked
e. Was looking

2. ‘Why are your friends writing a petition to the headmaster ?’
‘…….. our canteen and sport facilities improved.’

a. Get
b. Getting
c. For getting
d. Got
e. To get

3. All new students at this university are required…………an English proficiency test.

a. Taking
b. Having to take
c. Take care, will take
d. To take
e. Take

4. Tati declined the offer of……….. to Singapore a representative of our company.

a. Being transferred
b. Is transferred
c. Transferred
d. To transfer
e. Be transferred

5. The acids, salts, and vitamins that fruits furnish are very helpful …….. a balanced and healthful diet.

a. To keep
b. Kept
c. Keeping
d. They keep
e. For keeping

6. ……………. A skillful photographer, a person should have both manual skill and a good eye for detail.

a. Becoming
b. He can become
c. To become
d. When he becomes
e. Having become

7. ‘ Why are you so late ?’
‘ We had to stop on the way ……………. Some gasoline.’

a. To buy
b. We bought
c. Must buy
d. We had to buy
e. Buying

8. ‘What did Andi finally decide ?’
‘……………..his Master’s degree in Australia,’

a. He can
b. His taking
c. Taking
d. Be taking
e. To take

9. ‘What is Iwan’s decision concerning about his house ?’
‘………… it before putting it up for sale.’

a. His renovating
b. For renovating
c. Be renovate
d. Renovated
e. To renovate

10. ‘ What do you need my calculator for?’
‘……….. this problem.’

a. In solving
b. My solving
c. Solved
d. To solve
e. I solve

11. ‘Do you think I can wear my new necklace ?’
‘ I wouldn’t advise you ………… jewelry at a difficult time like this.’

a. Wear
b. To wear
c. To be wearing
d. Wearing
e. You wear

12. The fact that he was put into prison for something that he had not done made his wife…………

a. Cry
b. To be crying
c. Cried
d. To cry
e. Crying

13. ‘Why do you have to stay at home tomorrow ?’
‘………… my little brother.’

a. Takes care of
b. Taking care of
c. To take care of
d. For taking care of
e. I will take care of

14. Donny does not mind doing extra work, but doesn’t like ………….

a. Criticise
b. Criticizing
c. Is criticised
d. Be criticised
e. To be criticised

15. The reason why I am here is …………… you fill in the form for scholarship.

a. Help
b. To help
c. Helping
d. I will help
e. I am helping

16. The crowd have been waiting outside the hotel for hours just ………. A glimpse of the famous singer.

a. Getting
b. They get
c. Get
d. For getting
e. To get

17. My parents advise my sister ……………. Too much money on clothes.

a. Do not spend
b. Not to spend
c. Did not spend
d. Not spending
e. Not spend

Demikianlah yang dapat saya sampaikan ,Ayo semangat belajar “Belajar bukan hanya sekedar membaca namun juga memahami. “, Maka gantungkanlah cita-citamu setinggi langit dan semangat belajarmu akan menumbuhkan benih kesuksesan. Aamin….